The year 2020 was a tumultuous year for most, and our beauty community (along with other hospitality and service industries) was hit especially hard. As I’m writing this from my flat in London, we have been closed for 9 Months, are presently in our third national lockdown, and (like our beauty industry peers) are unable to operate in an industry which relies precariously on consistent, seasonal sales. But during that year, we were there for you.

April 1st 2020 we held our first pandemic Zoom for our users.

From the very beginning we created events and content to keep our community engaged, motivated, and productive. We paid Pros as mechanical turks for…

It’s no secret that women’s economic empowerment will be a massive driving force behind global development and sustainability and with the drive to close the Gender Pay gap over the last few years, we can already feel the beginnings of that change.

But despite some progress, globally, 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same job choices as men. Whereas men’s unemployment stands at 5.5%, women’s is at 6.2%.

If any of you are unfamiliar with the lyrical genius of Craig David, please click the link and make your self isolation a better place. (and this blog post make sense!)

“Got the information on Mondaaaaaay”

Purely through chance, I sent my monthly investor update on Monday 9th March, on the eve of the Week of Realisation about the Coronavirus crisis in the UK. I signed off my usual SUPPORT section with a simple question:

I use to send me updates, monthly, like clockwork

Almost immediately, several investors responded with variations on the following;

Whew chile! 2019 was an… interesting year. Was it the planets? End of the Decade? Who knows, but everyone I know seemed to find it challenging.

At the January edition at our regular Women In Tech night, held at the Beautystack HQ, I shared my top 5 mistakes of 2019 to an audience of 100 Women along with a few other female founders. While we had Chatham House rules, I thought it might be worthwhile to put them in print, with a few more reflections…

Last week I read this in Alan Murrays Fortune Newsletter;

What is the social responsibility of business? The late Milton Friedman had a simple answer to that question: abide by the law and make a profit. But most big company CEOs have moved beyond that narrow framework. Our Fortune 500 CEO poll, which is still in the field, shows only about 5% of today’s CEOs adhere to Friedman’s view, expressed this way:

I believe my company should mainly focus on making profits, and not be distracted by social goals.

Roughly half of the CEOs aligned themselves with this answer:


So last year I decided to stop wearing weaves. No big deal, I just woke up one day and was like… I want to see my own hair again. I’d been bonding my hair (yes, BONDING!) every few weeks for 9 yrs straight and it just felt like self abuse. So in June I just stopped. My hairdresser @alishadobson and I were on our #naturalhairjourney together so she helped me transition. Mainly by cutting off a lot of heat damage and head massages. 6 months on and its been…. interesting. But defo worth it. My curls are healthier, my scalp…

For the first time ever I found it incredibly hard to set my annual goals and in fact, this week marks the actual completion of them, weeks after 2019 came in. Why? Because instead of my goals being all about me, they’re now about the company and the team. This time last year, Beautystack had just 4 people in a small room in Second Home. My goals were really personal stuff I needed to achieve. Now my main focus is keeping everyone else on the team aligned. January came out of nowhere and a crazy NYE spent in NYC meant…

Bucky Fuller himself.

I am writing our Operating Principles and I’ve been musing on having Systems Thinking as one of our principles.

Dictionary definition:

Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis that focuses on the way that a system’s constituent parts interrelate and how systems work over time and within the context of larger systems.

I’ve been thinking about this in three ways:

  1. How our organisation acts as a system
  2. How we can hire people who think like this.
  3. How our Company is part of a larger system in the Beauty Industry

“A system can be more than the sum of its…

On of my favourite bits in Elad Gil’s, High Growth Handbook is reading about Claire Hughes Johnson’s Guide to Working with Claire. It came at a time when we were hiring new personality types and although I felt that although each new hire had aligned goals, we may be communicating them to each other differently. So using her Guide as a template, I wrote my own.


In order to make sure everyone in the business understood what drives me, what motivates me and how to get the best work out of me. When am I least productive, when am…

Sharmadean Reid MBE

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